Demanding the Impossible: the Precariat, Social Outrage and Anti-austerity Movements

he article offers a comprehensive analysis of the enduring impacts of anti-austerity movements since 2011, notably the Indignados/as and Occupy Wall Street, often referred to as the precariat movements.

Drawing on the insights from my book, “The Precariat and the Process of Precarisation of Labour: New Directions of Global Socio-economic Changes” (original title: “Prekariat i proces prekaryzacji pracy – nowe kierunki zmian społeczno-ekonomicznych w świecie”), I tried to encapsulate the key outcomes and demands of these movements across four main areas: identity, social consciousness, organisation, and politics. Furthermore, the article addresses whether the activities of the anti-austerity movements have facilitated the emergence of a new social group, the precariat, as a politically aware entity.