Demanding the Impossible: the Precariat, Social Outrage and Anti-austerity Movements

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The article analyses major legacies of anti-austerity movements since 2011: Indignados/as and Occupy Wall Street (known also as the movements of the pre-cariat). Based on the author’s research developed in her book: The precariat and the process of precarisation of labour – new directions of global socio-economic changes (original title: Prekariat i proces prekaryzacji pracy – nowe kierunki zmian społeczno ekonomicznych w świecie), the article summarises the most significant outcomes of these movements’ activities and demands, in four primary dimensions: identity, social awareness, organisation and politics. The author also answers the question of whether, in the course of anti-austerity movements’ activities, a new social group – the precariat – gained political subjectivity.